Terroir brings the tradition, craft and history of the Mexican artisans who work the agave and grape vines to turn them into tequila, mezcal or wine. Selected with the utmost care by choosing only purveyors that work with the highest passion and knowledge of their product. 

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Learn about the labels we work with, discover the aromas, flavors and possibilities that the Mexican terroir has to offer.


Our catalog of distillates and wines are for people who are willing to step outside of traditional brands. We work with small batch purveyors that bring history and wisdom to their trade. Providing you much more than a box of your favorite bottles.


Place your order and pick up your selection at your nearest SAQ. These Bottles of joy are for celebrations, special occasions, or maybe just for the pleasure of discovering new terroirs and flavors. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

How to Order


Select the bottles you want to order and make a deposit for the order


Once your selection is complete. Go to the check-out and choose your SAQ number from the list


Wait 5-7 days, for the warehouse to send your order to your chosen SAQ branch and as soon as it arrives, the SAQ will phone you so that you can pick up your private order! If you have chosen to collect your order from the Auto Service or from the SAQ Restauration at 1900 St-Patrick, you will have 4 working days to go.

Our Selection

$ 138.00 CAD
Neta | Deposit
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$ 151.50 CAD
Mescalosfera Mezcal Espadin-blackberry/ Margarito Cortes White | Deposit
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$ 151.00 CAD
Mescalosfera Mezcal Espadin-Coffee/ Margarito Cortes White | Deposit
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$ 151.25 CAD
Mezcalosfera Mezcal Ensamble- Jabali /Victor Ramos White | Deposit
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$ 150.75 CAD
Mezcalosfera Mezcal Ensamble Bicuishe Tobala Madrecuishe | Deposit
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